Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a weekend.

This last weekend has been a busy one. Dan and I had the opportunity to go to Spokane for the weekend. My aunt got me a ticket for the Spokane performance of Wicked for my birthday. Wicked!!!! I was so excited to go. We went Thursday night and it was amazing. I was about 10 rows from the front and I've never been so emotionally involved in a theater performance in my life.

The view from my seat. Not the best of picture,
Also during this last weekend, my brother and sister-in-law had their 3rd little girl. Her name is Sydnee and she's the cutest little thing. Congrats Matt and Nicole!

Whenever we see my aunt and uncle it means that it's haircut time. Dan got his nice usual haircut and I decided to chop my hair off. It's about to my shoulders now and I love it.

I know it's a little dark but you can see Dan's great haircut and somewhat see mine,

It was a great weekend and I only hope that it would have ended great. I have a curse where I get sick when I travel long distances. I've been doing really well lately but then I had to go get strep throat. Not awesome. I don't think my throat has hurt more in my life. Luckily, I'm getting better and cross our fingers that Dan doesn't get it. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Praying For Others

The last night Dan and I were having family prayer. As I was saying the prayer, I had this feeling to ask for the safety of our extended family. I had no idea why I felt this way but I ask Heavenly Father to watch over our family and keep them safe. About 2 hours later, we get the news about the devastating tornado in Missouri. Joplin Missouri is where my dad lives. My heart dropped and Dan told me to call him (it was about 1:30 am his time). I picked up my phone and called him. No answer but I got a test message about 30 minutes later saying he was safe and at the hospital helping out where he could. Family had posted on Facebook saying he contacted my grandparents and he said Joplin looks like a war zone. If you haven't seen some pictures already, here are a couple I found.

The news has said, "At least 116 people in Joplin, Mo., are dead after the single deadliest tornado in the US since 1953."

My dad texted me again today saying he was still ok but very tired. He said to keep the people over there in our prayers because they really need it. The weather disasters that have taken place in the south these last couple of months is very heartbreaking. We need to keep these people in our prayers because many of them have lost loved ones and pretty much everything they own.
**If you want to help (And PLEASE don't think I am saying you should because I'm not. I just know when I heard of this I wanted to know what I could do to help.) you can contact the American Red Cross, The Joplin Red Cross or the Humanitarian Aid through the church.