Sunday, August 5, 2012

Update #2 (38 Weeks)

Ok, now for update #2
Melissa had her pinning for the Paramedic Program the Thursday before graduation. I can't tell you how proud I am of her. She has worked so hard and made many sacrifices to accomplish this goal. Even though she's leaving me soon for far away Oklahoma I couldn't be more excited for her. 

So Friday July 20, 2012, I graduated from college with my Bachelor's in Art History. YYYYAAAA!!!! I'm so excited I have been able to accomplish this goal I've had for many years. I also can't believe it's over. I'm going to miss college so much but as they say learning is never truly finished. I felt so loved having family travel to come support me during this event. It was so much fun having them here. I also loved the fact I got to share the occasion with Melissa. We got to graduate high school and college together. GO US!

Moving on to Saturday of that week, I had my baby shower. Have I mentioned I have the greatest friends on the planet? Well I do. Melissa and Sarah did a fantastic job putting everything together. I want to thank everyone who came to celebrate the soon arrival of James with me. I got so much cute and helpful stuff. I wish I got more pictures but this is all I got.
We've all been friends since Junior High/ High School. How cute!
Lastly on the update report, Dan got surgery. It's been almost a year since he tore his ACL and we finally have been able to get it repaired. We went down to Pocatello to stay with my dad while Dan recovered. He had his surgery on Monday and we came home on Friday. The doctor did such an amazing job. Dan is already able to get around without his crutches and has good mobility of his knee. We're hoping for a little more mobility before James comes to make it easier for me.
Before surgery. I didn't get an after but picture a drugged up Dan. :)
With all the excitement, you'd think James would want to come and join the fun but just like mom and dad he's being stubborn. So as of today I am 38 Weeks.
I do have other shirts. We just always take pictures when I'm wearing it.
How far along? 38 Weeks, 1 Day
Total weight gain/loss: 30 lbs
Stretch marks? A little. L
Sleep: With the back pain, not good.
Best moment this week: Just feeling him wiggle around.
Miss Anything? My body
Food cravings: Chocolate milk and churros/cinnamon
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope only when I eat too much
Labor Signs: Braxtons
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? Off
Happy or Moody (most of the time): Happy/Moody because I want him out!
Weekly Wisdom: Don’t worry about the baby coming and enjoy the alone time with your spouse
Looking forward to: Getting this baby out of me!!!