Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Memories

Dan and I went up to Spokane for Thanksgiving. My aunt and uncle live up there with their 4 kids. My sister is currently staying there as well and my grandpa and his wife also came for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was so great to see everyone and spent time with them. Our driving to Spokane and back was not so great. We had a lot of snow and ice but we got to where we needed to be safely. We had a blast hanging out with everyone. Dan got to hang out with my 4 year old cousin Trevor which was so fun for both of them. I find it very amusing that my husband has such a blast with a 4 year old but Trevor is probably the most entertaining 4 year old I've ever met. We ate tons of food (which you're suppose to do for Thanksgiving) and I went Black Friday shopping for the 1st time with my aunt. I got some pretty amazing deals. Definitely a fan of Black Friday now. We also hit up the thrift stores when we were there and I found the most awesome snow suit ever. Since Spokane got tons of snow and we had to take full advantage of it. Dan didn't have his snow clothes with him, so he decided to see if my new awesome snow suit would work just for fun. As you can tell by the picture below...... not so much but it was great for some laughs.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just My Luck

This would happen to me. 3 days before Harry Potter and 4 before we go to Spokane for Thanksgiving, I get sick. Dan and I have thought this whole time that it was strep throat but I went to the doctor today and it's not. They also said it's too early to tell if it's mono. MONO! I cannot get mono. Luckily they gave me some medication that can kick this thing right out of my system. NO WAY am I missing Harry Potter on Friday.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Harry Potter!!!!!!

Friday is the day and I'm so excited. Dan makes fun of me because of how much I love Harry Potter. He calls me a little kid but when it comes to this..... I am pretty much. 4 days!!!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Finally Did It!

I finally broke down and decided to do a blog since I have so much time on my hands. Hopefully I can be a lot better at this than my last one. Cross your fingers. Also more pictures to come when we get our fall pictures back. :)