Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Much Needed Thanksgiving Break

This last week, as everyone knows, was Thanksgiving. Dan and I made the trek over to Washington to be with his family this year. We were so excited. That feels like an understatement to me because we were just so pumped about having a break and seeing family. Everyone was able to make it except for John of course who is on his mission. We had an amazing week filled with awesomeness. We had great food provided by my amazing mother-in-law and sisters-in-law, did some crazy Black Friday shopping, Dan got to go shooting, went to the American Girl store with all the nieces and nephews and flat out got to hang out with family. We loved being able to see all the nieces and nephews. As crazy as it sounds we miss all the kids running around. We miss the family already so much and wish we all lived closer together. I don't have many pictures from the week but here are a few that I have/attained from family. They are also out of order.

Kids playing at the fountain. Pretending to be magic.

Our new family picture. We love it.

Family gathered around the table for the feast. 
The last thing I saw as we were flying out of Seattle. Highlight of my flight.

Me with 2 of my adorable nieces.