Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jackson Hole Adventures

So for Labor Day, we planned it out with my dad to make a day trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming. This was a new adventure because Dan had never been over in that area. I used to live in a small town in Idaho on the other side of the mountain from Jackson. So when I was younger, we would go there all the time. It was a beautiful drive and we stopped to take a short hike before going out for lunch.
View from the top of the mountian

Walk back to the car on our mini hike.
It was so nice to get out and be in nature. My allergies haven't liked me since then but it was so worth it. We were so hungry after our hike, probably because we were talking about BBQ a good portion of the hike. We found this place called Bubba's BBQ. Any place called Bubba's has to be good and it was. We ended up getting pie after our meals and it was the best pie. Dan and I shared a Chocolate Buttermilk pie. It didn't taste like buttermilk at all. It tasted like a brownie with pie crust. It was so good.

After lunch we went and walked around town to see the shops. We stopped in this photo gallery because the pictures just caught my eye. The photos were just beautiful. The photographer was there and we got to ask him questions. His pictures just seemed to pop out of the frames. He said they take a normal picture and print it on silver lined paper to make that effect. In my opinion, his photos are beautiful enough that he doesn't need to make them pop them. Look for yourself.

These are just a small portion of them. His website is Check out his pictures.

Here are some other pictures and I know this post is a little long but I have to tell this story. So as we were walking along we heard this loud "JIMMER!!!!". Dan was wearing his Jimmer shirt and this lady came up to Dan and got really excited. She told us that Jimmer is in her home ward back in New York. They all, her, Dan and my dad, talked about New York because they all served there. She asked Dan if he wanted a picture of Jimmer and sent him a picture of him and her son. She was so excited to see his shirt and she got even more excited that Jake, Dan's brother, made the shirt. She made our day. Her son that was with her was so embarrassed but we thought it was funny.

Oldest bar in the west.