Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bath Time

James absolutely hated taking baths when he was first born. Now that he's older.... he loves them. He gets one usually every night after he eats some cereal and veggies. He is such the happiest baby during his baths as well as after all wrapped up.  

I just love that face.
He is still having a problem with his sleep. Apparently, it's normal for 5-8 month olds to have some sleep disruptions. We think he possibly could be teething, which would explain the sleep disruptions. He's gotten in the habit of waking up at around 10:30-11pm and not go back to sleep unless I feed him (which he usually doesn't eat very much) or give him Tylenol. We've been letting him cry-it-out but he'll just cry forever unless we do one of the 2 things. This has been happening the last 3 nights so cross your fingers this ends soon.

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