Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Adventures.... So Far.

School is done for the semester! It's so nice to see Dan all relaxed and not worried about homework and tests. We started our adventure in Utah at a wedding. Some great friends of mine from back home got married in Manti (Dan and I went to high school together. Sarah and I were in the same ward when I 1st moved to Oregon and stayed good friends). Their wedding was so beautiful and I couldn't be happier for them.

We then visited with some of my crazy family before flying out to Seattle. Our flight was suppose to leave Salt Lake at 1:10pm. So we got there at about 11:30am to check in and everything. Our plane didn't leave until 3:45pm. Four and a half hours is way too long to stay in the airport and wait for your plane to get there. We finally made it though. Being here with family is the greatest and we're so blessed that we can be here with them.

Yesterday, the 23rd, Dan and I made a trip to Seattle. There is a Picasso exhibit going on at the Seattle Art Museum and I was dying to go. Dan, being the wonderful husband he is, took me to the museum and even surprised himself because he enjoyed being there. He liked a good hand full of Picasso's works which surprised me. My favorite Picasso piece is Guernica (which is below). They didn't have that one there but there was a piece called The Portrait of Dora Maar (also below). I fell in love with this piece. Dora Maar was a companion and lover of Picasso's. She was a well known photographer and took many pictures with Picasso and some of his works. She did a series of photos that depicted the progress of Guernica. It was awesome! I loved seeing those pictures and all the other works they had at the museum.
The Portrait Of Dora Maar

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