Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Year

Sunday was our first year anniversary. How crazy is that!?!?! I can't believe that. Dan and I had the opportunity to go to Utah and see some family this last weekend. We got to meet our new little niece, Adele. She is just a doll (Dan got some pictures but I need to steal them from him). On Sunday I woke up to Dan's surprise anniversary gift. A beautiful paper origami flower. It even had some small notes written inside of it. I loved it!

1st anniversary traditional gift: paper, beautiful paper flower 
That morning we decided to get home at an early time to spend our anniversary together at home. We got home and I had left a small surprise for Dan to find when we got home.
I decided to write down some things that I look forward to in our future together. 
It was a great anniversary. We didn't have a lot of money to work with so we decided to stay in and have a romantic evening in. Dancing, candlelight dinner and some cake. We didn't have any cake from our wedding reception because it all got eaten. So I decided to make a version of our wedding cake.
We had Funfetti cake with raspberry filling and a buttercream frosting.
My attempt.
Ok so we had Funfetti cake and I also ironically had some raspberry filling. I found a great recipe for some buttercream frosting. So I went to work. I put the filling of the first round and started to place the 2nd one on the top. This is where is went bad. The top layer started to fall apart (as you can see). I frosted it thinking it would stick together. I finished and it looked great. I put it in the fridge to harden and that's when it fell apart. Oh well, it was still really good.
I love you Daniel Fry! It's been an amazing 1st year and I can't wait for the many, many years to come with you by my side.

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